Estonian President Alar Karis held a meeting with visiting Armenian President Vahagn Khachaturyan in the Presidential Palace in Tallinn

Upon meeting with his Armenian counterpart Vahagn Khachaturyan today, President Alar Karis remarked that for small countries in a complex geopolitical environment, robust democracy at the national level and international order based on rules are of the utmost importance.

The Estonian head of state noted that significant reforms have been undertaken in Armenia in the last couple of years, clearly promoting European values, democracy and the rule of law. “The European Union inspired Estonia on the path of reform, and the experience we gained could be a useful example for Armenia to follow in implementing its own reforms,” President Karis said. He confirmed that Estonia remains dedicated to assisting Armenia in any way it can.

President Karis added that he was pleased to see Armenia had expressed its willingness for closer cooperation with the EU. A wide-ranging partnership agreement, combined with the cooperative framework of the Eastern Partnership, will allow for the steady deepening of the relationship between the EU and Armenia. “It also represents an excellent opportunity for Estonia and Armenia to promote bilateral cooperation in such areas as e-governance, innovation, technology, education and culture,” President Karis added.

During his meeting with his Armenian counterpart, the Estonian head of state also spoke about the situation in the South Caucasus region. “We want to see peace and stability in the region, which is of course a precondition for the successful and prosperous future of Armenia as well,” said President Karis, expressing his hope that tensions would be resolved at the negotiating table and not through conflict. The Estonian head of state says it is important that sustainable and inclusive peace is achieved through negotiations with the backing of the international community. “In Estonia’s view, the European Union would make a fine, impartial intermediary,” President Karis suggested, stating that the country also supports the EU’s monitoring mission on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

The heads of state also discussed the situation in Ukraine. “Russia’s attack is unlawful, unprovoked, immoral and unjustifiable,” said President Karis. “It is in our collective interest to ensure that Ukraine wins this war and that the world returns to operating in accordance with rules and norms. We all have to do the very best we can to support the Ukrainians.”

As part of President Khachaturyan’s visit to Estonia, two memoranda of cooperation will be signed by Estonia and Armenia to expand bilateral cooperation in the fields of technology and the environment.